The Pancake Pillow Adjustable Layer Pillow Reviews By Consumer Reports

The role of a pillow in providing sound sleep at night is so underrated. What most people think is that only a good mattress can help achieve good sleep. The truth is that if you have a good mattress but a bad pillow, you are still prone to restlessness, muscle pain, and back pain.

Pancake Pillow

You need a firm pillow to complement the support given by your mattress if you really want the best sleep experience. The Pancake Pillow is reviewed below, and we have given our honest opinion on the features and functionality of this pillow.

About the Pancake Pillow

The main aim behind the design and creation of the pancake pillow is that it should meet the needs of various sleep positions. At times, people buy products, and they find out eventually that it doesn’t suit their needs.

With the Pancake Pillow, you will not experience anything like this because the pillow has a series of layers that you can adjust to any level that will satisfy you.

The Pancake Pillow contains six thin pillows, any of which you can easily take out to adjust the pillow to your preference. The adjustable height means you get to improve the firmness of the pillow, from thin and soft to lofty and firm; the firmness reduces as you take out more pillows.

The customizable feature makes it suitable for all sleeping positions. Typically, back sleepers and stomach sleepers require a thin pillow to help maintain the alignment of the spine and prevent stress in the back.

So if you are a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, all you have to do is reduce the number of layers to one that will be comfortable for you.

The adjustability differs from that of other pillows as most adjustable pillows make use of shredded memory foam that you can either add to or remove from; this process is not as easy as removing a layer of the pillow as it is with the Pancake pillow.

If you have been experiencing heat buildup at night with the pillow you use, you may want to consider getting a new pillow.

The inner part of the layers of the Pancake pillow is made from high-quality microfiber that allows air to flow through easily; this will prevent heat buildup when you use the pillow.

As thin as this pillow can get, it never flattens out. Most of the thin pillows that stomach sleepers go for flattening out after a few months and they eventually lose the little support they offer.

The Pancake Pillow doesn’t flatten out, even after months of use, the loft and the shape of each layer are maintained perfectly.


  • It doesn’t flatten out
  • Works for all sleeping positions
  • It is adjustable


  • It may lose firmness with the removal of layers
  • Slight off-gassing is possible

How to take care of the Pancake Pillow

Taking care of the Pancake Pillow is quite easy. All that is required is to clean the cover that encases the pillows.

The cover is can be washed and dried with a machine. Adjusting the pillow tends to get the cover dirty easily, and for hygienic purposes, it should be cleaned as regularly as possible.

Also, when the individual pillow layers get dirty, you can also wash them gently in cool water and then tumble dry them, don’t worry, they won’t develop lumps.


The Pancake Pillow costs more than an average pillow would if you have read through this review, then you know it should. To avoid wasting money trying out different pillows to get the one that will suit you best, you should just get the Pancake Pillow, adjust it to a suitable level, and enjoy your night rest.

The pillow is ideal for all sleeping positions, but the adjustability works best for stomach sleepers. If you are thinking of changing your pillow today, you should give the Pancake Pillow a try. You will surely love it.